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Drywors "droewors"

It is  the dried form of the traditional South African sausage Boerewors. Unlike beef jerky, Droewors is airdried rather than smoked or dehydradet. The result is a tender and easy chew piece of meat, which is high in protein.


Flavours available: traditional, smokey, chilli

Bites "stokkies"

Made from the same grass-fed Silverside steaks as our biltong strips, we marinate our stokkies in a unique blend of herbs and spices before naturally air-drying them to the perfect crispy state, just for you. Our stokkies are excellent


Available in 2 flavours: traditional and chilli


Biltong is a form of dried, cured meat which originated in Southern African countries. It is healthy to eat because it is a natural source of Vitamin B12 and also high in protein. This helps to keep your nervous system healthy and responsive. It is also helps release energy from other consumed nutrients. Biltong is also known as the ideal post workout snack.

Flavours available: traditional, garlic, chilli, chilli chutney, extreme chilli, BBQ, butchers choice



The original Borewors has to contain at least 90% meat. Borewors literally means 'farmers sausage' in Afrikaans. A savoury sausage developed by the farmers some 200 years ago. Borewors is a cooked on the braai or barbecue but like any good sausage can be cooked in a grill or boiler.


Available in 3 flavours: traditional, garlic, chilli


Delicious, fresh beef steaks for your braai and barbecue. You can choose between fresh and frozen, it's up to you what you prefer.

Available types: Tomahawk, T-bone, Rump