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Jessica Mary Coxon
2 months ago


Delicious droewors, tastes exactly like home!!

Thank you

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8 months ago

I really liked the original bolting

8 months ago

Amazing Billtong and quality as well What makes these guys stand out is there flavor is one of the best I have tryed. this is the 3rd time I have ordered will definitely be ordering more, keeping them my number 1 billtong choice.... I highly recommend there butchers Choice.

Kirsty Jane George
9 months ago

Omg amazing, had original and garlic and both fabulous. Brought them from the Hampton Court Food Festival.

9 months ago

Picked up some of your biltong at Goodwood Food Show yesterday, and have to say it's the best I've tasted since moving back to the UK.

I've been craving decent Biltong for years, so it's safe to say I'll be ordering more! Thank you :D

Eve Jervis
11 months ago

Had some of your wagu biltong at the Good Food show in Birmingham and loved it! Best biltong I have tasted since coming to the UK. Well done 👏🏼

J Botha
a year ago

Had several different biltong tasters at Bucks Country Show today, which were all delicious. Went away with 500g of dry wors. Will definitely be purchasing more

The biltong station
a year ago

Thank you for your lovely comment! We really appreciate it!
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Lisa Crozier
a year ago

We were at Highland Show tried your product, so tasty!! Never tried anything like it, will definitely be ordering more.

The biltong station
a year ago

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your lovely comment!!!
We really appreciate it!
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