The biltong station is a small family business. Started our business in 2020.

Biltong is a traditional South African snack and involves treating strips of raw meat with salt, spices and sometimes vinegar, before slowly air-drying over a number of days.

Our British grass fed silverside beef is naturally reared and traceable back . It is marinated in our uniqe blend of herbs and spices, which delivers a reachly flavoured biltong. We cure our biltong in purpose built driers that alows us to be hands on in the process and deliver a truly artisanal biltong products.

Once it is cured to perfection, we slice and package to order to ensure the freshest flavour.

It is high of protein,low salt content and it is exceptional quality,soft bite snack.

Why do people eat biltong?

As a snack people enjoy eating biltong for its spicy,umami flavour, as well as its meaty, fibrous texture. Aside from its delicious taste, biltong is also useful for gym regulars looking for a natural, high-protein snack that's simple to carry and eat on the go.